turning packaging into a force for change.
We’re elevating the concept of kraft paper. And with it, the notion of sustainability. This is packaging with meaning. We’re striving to be a green force for good.
Together, we’re accelerating the change from fossil to forest.

The Navigator Company has proven its expertise in the fine paper industry over the last 40 years. As socio-economic demands evolve, we intend to continue leading the paper revolution. Capitalising on our extensive knowledge of the advantages of Eucalyptus globulus, we’re continuing to innovate by creating a cutting edge product and disrupting the consumer’s view of packaging.

When FUNCTIONALITY and SAFETY combine, SUSTAINABILITY is only natural. Together, they’re a winning combination for the future.


All gKRAFT products

are made with virgin Eucalyptus globulus fibres. A sustainable approach with premium performance and results.

Sustainability Facts you can feel good about:

Contributed from The Navigator Company managed mainland Portugal forests certified with FSCTM(FSCTM-C010852) and PEFC(PEFC/13-23-001)

Packaging made from Nordic pine trees uses up to twice as much wood and up to 7 times more land to create the same square metres of packaging.

The globulus fibre can have two to six more recycling cycles than other wood types and it has higher compostability.

Globulus’ annual sequestration of CO2 and production of O2 is 3 times higher than pine trees

Our industrial process has a low carbon footprint, and we’re aiming to be carbon neutral by 2035.

Eucalyptus globulus uses less resources than other fibres to produce the same amount of packaging

Discover kraft paper that’s engineered for superior function.

We’re elevating the concept of kraft paper to bring you:

  • Excellent paper formation
  • An extra smooth finish
  • Improved image definition with a wide range of colours
  • Printing consistency
  • Guaranteed converting performance
  • Lower basis weights with higher resistances
Resistance Work
SCT resistances that are proven to be higher than packaging made with recycled fibre.

Low Weight THAT
STILL Packs a Punch

Compared to recycled paper, we can deliver higher value and lower weight.


comes in close contact with the most important and sensitive goods, but also with our own skin. We therefore take extra measures to ensure that our kraft paper not only meets all regulations but is also extremely safe.

For gKRAFT it’s always Safety First:

*Source: Aveiro University/Raiz benchmarking

3 Smart Solutions
We make multiple gKRAFT products to cover a wide range of business needs. Discover our 3 sub-brands, offering smart solutions tailored to different market demands.
Available in
Extra White | 80 - 120 g.m-2
Natural White | 40 - 130 g.m-2
Brown | 40 - 130 g.m-2


Bakery Bags

Food & Interleaving

Available in
Extra White | 80 - 190 g.m-2
Natural White | 70 - 140 g.m-2
Brown | 70 - 140 g.m-2

Shopping bags
& Food Takeaway

Dry food packaging

e-Commerce envelopes

Available in
Extra White | 80 - 250 g.m-2
Natural White | 80 - 180 g.m-2
Brown | 80 - 140 g.m-2

Cardboard boxes

Food trays

Wrapping paper

g is for green

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